Operating local tourism sustainably

At Adventure Tours Scotland, operating sustainably and with sensitivity to the environment is a top priority. Each tour we create has an environmental impact assessment at the heart of the plans. We’re determined to have zero carbon footprint and to mitigate the potential impact of our tours in every way that we can.

Nowadays, more and more travellers want their journeys to be more beneficial to the communities that they visit. They wish to have as positive an impact as possible on the places they visit.

We wholeheartedly welcome that, as it’s central to our vision. This is because at Adventure Tours Scotland, we love Scotland. And so we take care of Scotland.

We involve communities and promote grassroots initiatives in all that we do. We’re fully committed to sustainability, to protecting the environment, and to raising awareness of environmental issues. And this philosophy applies both to our staff and to our clients

a stunning waterfall on a sustainability - focused tour of Scotland